Published on 2/12/2020

 7 Ways to Use Storage for Your Business

  1. Archive Storage - Easily Organize Your Files. Some companies are required by law to keep business records for several years. By renting a unit and installing filing cabinets, you can store those rarely-accessed files out of the way and clear up space in your office.
  2. Retail Storage - Expand with Iron Clad Self Storage.  Never miss a trend again with a dedicated area to keep extra inventory. A temporary storage unit is less expensive than renting a warehouse space and more accessible. No matter how much or how little storage space you need, Iron Clad Self Storage is the business storage solution.
  3. Office Storage - Keep Your Items Safe and Secure. Whether you have sensitive company information or private client materials, it needs to stay away from prying eyes. With 24-hour surveillance, gated access and  hired security, our storage units are equipped with measures to protect your items. Find a facility near you with these security features.
  4. Construction Storage - Have a Place for Equipment. Tools and equipment get pricey -- fast. With their high price tag, they're also often victims of theft. With a secure self storage unit, you'll have a safe place to store it all in between jobs and even overnight. Drive-up access makes getting in and out quick, while convenient access hours lets you store on your own valuable time.

  5. Make a Fail-Safe Investment. Protection of your assets, the flexibility to quickly expand your unit space, and clearing your work space of clutter are all  investments in your business. Increased organization translates into improved workflow and a positive work environment. This venture gives your company the elasticity to weather any change, so call today or reserve online. Our experts are standing by to help you determine the unit, features and additional options available to meet your--and your customers’--every need.